Fees & Requirements

Please read through the following information before filling out the form below or making a payment so that you understand all of your obligations and options.

2020-21 Fees for Band & Color Guard

  1. Instrumentalist: $175 for the first student, $150 for the second student from the same family, $125 for any family participants thereafter.
  2. Color Guard: $175 for each participant.
  3. Pay in full or by installments: we may have an opportunity to reduce the above fees for everyone depending on how we execute the school year. As a result, you’re invited to pay by installments of $50 by 9/18, $50 by 11/13, and $75 by 1/15/21. We will inform everyone at a later date if we are able to adjust the fees. Of course, you can always pay in full and consider it a worthy donation to your band! Keep in mind, if you pay in full and we reduce the fee later, we are not able to provide any type of refund.

Uniform Requirements:

  1. Color Guard Members: Require a custom-themed uniform, costuming-related items (i.e.: hair, make-up, etc.), warmup suit, and guard shoes. Items are purchased through Tabb Tiger Band Parents (TTBP).
  2. Marching Band Members: Require marching shoes and gloves (except percussionists, who don’t wear gloves). Marching shoes and gloves are purchased through Tabb Tiger Band Parents (TTBP). Uniform with shako are provided.
  3. Jazz Band Participants: Required to wear all-black for all performances. Students may choose to wear the tuxedo pants or dresses that are supplied through TTBP. Otherwise, all uniform parts and pieces are supplied by the participant.
  4. Concert/Symphonic Band Members: Males require a tuxedo shirt purchased through TTBP. Black shoes and black socks/pantyhose are part of the uniform and are supplied by the participant. The tuxedo jacket, pants, cummerbund and bow tie for males and the black concert dresses for females will be provided.
  5. Uniform Fees: These will not be necessary in September, but are provided for your information and planning. We anticipate collecting these fees later in the year depending on how we execute the school year.