Concert Attire

“Concert Black” attire is required for all Tabb Tiger Band concert performances. Members of each ensemble – Jazz, Concert, and Symphonic – are expected to provide their own items to meet this requirement. Expectations and example options are listed below. Please see Mr. Lawson with any questions or concerns. 

Why “Concert Black”? The attire we wear is a reflection of our professionalism and appreciation for the music being played. Though the tuxedos and dresses we have previously worn achieved this, they began to suffer some material fatigue while also being a touch on the “old school” side. This style of performance clothing is intended to provide a modern and uniform look, as well as be a bit more comfortable for our student musicians. 

Listed below are the expected components of each student’s concert black attire along with a few options in exemplar. Note: individuals are free to choose what they wear as long as they stay within the provided guidelines. If a student wears something that is deemed inappropriate for performance, they will be asked to wear one of the items that we have on-hand. Please feel free to see Mr. Lawson if you would like advance feedback regarding your attire choices. 

Expected Components 

  • Black dress pants, skirt, or dress
    • Jeans and sweatpants are not acceptable 
  • Black pantyhose (with dresses and skirts) and/or solid black socks that cover the ankle (with pants and dresses)
    • No patterns or logos should be visible on the socks or pantyhose 
  • Black closed-toe, dress-style shoes
    • Athletic shoes, flip-flops, or sandals are not acceptable 
  • Black dress-style shirt (i.e.: long-sleeved button-down with collar or blouse)
    • T-shirts are not acceptable 
  • Black cardigan, tie, or suit jacket are permitted but not required 

Example Options 

  • Option 1: black closed-toe dress shoes, black socks that cover the ankles, black dress pants, black button-down long-sleeved shirt with collar, and black belt (black tie and jacket optional). 
  • Option 2: black closed-toe flats or heels, black pantyhose, black skirt, and black long-sleeved blouse (black cardigan optional). 

Other Considerations 

  • Jewelry and make-up are permitted, but should not distract from the overall “uniform” nature of the ensemble’s appearance. 
  • Hats are not permitted at any time.