Jazz Ensemble

This performing organization represents the school in concerts, festivals, and dances in the contemporary jazz idiom. This course may be taken for credit concurrently with Symphonic Band. Participation in marching band, band camp, and/or other related band activities is a requirement of this course. Prerequisite: audition.

(YCSD Program of Studies: 2016-2017 Secondary Registration and Information Guide)

The main focus of Jazz/Stage Band is on the development of improvisational techniques and other style-specific ideals within the jazz idiom. Elements of music theory and history will be presented throughout the curriculum, as well as directed listening/interpretation activities. Through classroom instruction and public performances, each student will gain an understanding of jazz history, jazz-specific musical terms and styles, and further develop their concepts of tone, rhythm, balance, and blend. Auditioning for All-Virginia Jazz Ensemble is strongly recommended, but not required for this course. This ensemble is considered a “curricular” ensemble.