Marching Uniform



Marching Band instrumentalists wear a heavyweight marching band uniform (orange/black/white jacket over black bib pants) at football games and band competitions (see photos on website). Drum major jacket color is orange and black. Guard members wear one-piece jumpsuits. No Band member will appear in public at band events in partial uniform. The only exception is when students are authorized to wear the “half-uniform,” generally when the Band is on the bus and during rehearsals before football games (at Band Director’s discretion). The “half-uniform” consists of the Band T-shirt, black bib pants (with straps up on shoulders), black socks, and black marching shoes. To be clear, students are NOT to appear in public at any other times wearing an unzipped uniform or with bib straps hanging down off the shoulder. Look sharp, Tabb Tiger Band!

  • Garment bag with heavy duty hanger (issued with uniform)
  • Band T-shirt (issued)
  • Marching Band orange/black/white jacket (issued)
  • Black bib pants (issued)
  • Black crew socks or knee socks (nothing shorter than calf-high, students provide)
  • Black marching shoes (special type to be purchased through TTBP)
  • Hat (issued to all except sousaphone players) and Plume for hat (issued at each performance) or Black Beret (issued to sousaphone players only)
  • White gloves (Worn by all but percussionists. Woodwind players will cut off the glove fingertips as per Section Leader instruction. Gloves may be purchased from Uniform Managers before marching events.)
  • Arm Gauntlets (issued)
  • Optional Band Windbreaker (This and THS letter jackets are the only jackets authorized for wearing over the marching band uniform) 

ATTENTION! The Band garment bag is ONLY for uniform and uniform accessories. NO food, drinks, electronics, money, etc. should be placed inside. Shoes must be cleaned off before being stored in the small pocket on the outside of the garment bag. We highly recommend that you use a laundry marker to write your name in ALL pieces of the uniform that Band members purchase and keep (shoes, beret, gloves, band T-shirt, and optional items like the windbreaker and other spirit wear items).


TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR UNIFORMS! Marching jackets, bib pants, and hats have permanent numbers, and detailed records are kept. The cost to replace one of these uniforms is about $500. PLEASE take care of them!

Marching Band uniforms are fitted during Band Camp. Seniors are fitted first; freshmen are last. Few students enjoy a perfect fit, but the Uniform Managers do their best to issue decent-fitting uniforms.


  • Bib pants often need hemming. Hems must be HAND-SEWN, NO iron-on tape, NO staples. DO NOT cut fabric and DO NOT iron folds.  If you opt to hire someone to do the hemming, list these restrictions in your instructions!
  • Sleeves may also be hemmed if necessary.
  • Black marching shoes must be ordered through C&B Enterprises during camp. Military or ROTC shoes are NOT acceptable. Used marching shoes are exchanged and sold each year.
  • The Band Windbreaker is an optional uniform item. The THS letter jacket and the Band windbreaker are the only jackets students are allowed to wear over the marching uniform. Name and graduation year appear on the front, and a paw or flags are silkscreened on the back.


  • Bib pant straps are to be worn on shoulders AT ALL TIMES. When worn, jackets are to be fully zipped.
  • NO visible jewelry is to be worn. This includes, but is not limited to, watches, earrings, and other miscellaneous piercings. NO spray paint may be worn in hair while in uniform.
  • Students with long hair must be able to put their hair up inside their marching uniform hat. All students, male and female, should arrive prepared with clips, hair ties, etc. in order to accommodate this requirement.
  • Plumes for hats are handed out before every performance and collected immediately after the performance.

HANG UP YOUR UNIFORM (on hanger that is issued with uniform) and AIR IT OUT AFTER EVERY PERFORMANCE! Smooth out all wrinkles and make sure uniform is dry before storing it in garment bag. Garment Bag Note: If needed, garment bags may be washed in a cold water wash and hung to dry. Using the garment bag to store the Band uniform ONLY should help keep it clean.

Damaged or Lost Uniforms: Students are responsible for all damage to uniforms caused by negligence. Regarding stains, students will be charged for additional dry cleaning if needed for stains occurring during the season. Any damage to uniforms should be reported to the Uniform Managers immediately so they can determine appropriate repairs. Students will be charged the replacement cost for any uniform items damaged beyond repair or not turned in at the end of the season.

Need some help figuring out how to take measurements correctly? The video below will help you get it right!