The Tabb Tiger Band Parents sponsor two types of fundraisers:  General and Student Accounts.

General Fundraisers:

100% of profits from general fundraisers go directly to the TTBP general fund, which is used for operating expenses and purchases in direct support of Tabb Tiger Band programs.

General Fundraisers include: TAG Day,  Kroger Plus Card, Chick-fil-A night(s), Spirit Sales

Student Account Fundraisers:

Student Accounts fundraisers recognize the extra efforts of participating students by earmarking 75% of profits to a separate account.  In some cases, like car washes, profits are credited equally among all students who participate.  In others like fruit sales, each item sold is tracked and profits are credited proportionally according to profit margin per item and quantity sold.  Regardless, the first 25% of profits from these fundraisers still go to the general fund to cover any cost of running the fundraiser and to provide operating revenue for the TTBP.

Band members cannot withdraw funds like a bank account but they may use credits from their Student Accounts to pay eligible expenses.  These include the yearly activity fee, uniform purchase (including gloves, shoes, tuxedo shirt, guard warm-up suits, flag bags), uniform rental/cleaning fee, district/state band assessment fees, and for band trips.  Other authorized reimbursements, receipt required, include instrument rental/purchase, repairs, and accessories.

Student Account Fundraisers include: Car Washes, Fruit Sales, Scrip/Gift Card Sales

Direct any questions about Student Accounts to our Student Accounts Treasurer Joe Ott at 867-7390 or email