Student Accounts

Each band/guard member has an account set up (on paper) in his/her name by the Student Accounts Treasurer. Certain designated TTBP Fundraisers allow a portion of the profits earned by that student to be deposited into their individual account. The split for these fundraising profits is 75% profit to the student account and 25% profit to the TTBP’s General Fund.

Present Fundraisers allowing profits to go to student accounts include Car Washes, our new Coffee Fundraiser, and the year-round Scrip Sales.

These Student Account Funds can be used to pay the yearly activity fee, uniform purchase (including gloves, shoes, tuxedo shirt, guard warm-up suits, flag bags), uniform rental/cleaning fee, district/state band assessment fees, band trip costs, instrument rental/purchase, repairs, and accessories used in the band program.

Unused funds will be carried over from year to year. When a student graduates, transfers out of Tabb High School, or decides to drop Band class then the remaining student account balance will immediately be transferred to the General Fund. The one exception is the allowance of unused funds to be transferred to a sibling who is an active Band member (or incoming freshman).

To make a withdrawal from the Student Account a Student Accounts Withdrawal Request Form must be filled out which requires a parent’s signature. This form can be deposited into the black box in the Band Room or scanned and emailed to the Student Account Treasurer. Approved requests are then “paid” by the Student Accounts Treasurer by transferring student account funds to the General Fund. An email confirmation will be sent indicating the transfer took place.

At the end of the first semester and again at the end of the school year, if a student owes money to the TTBP for any reason, existing funds in their Student Account will be transferred to the General Fund to cover these debts.

The Student Accounts Withdrawal Request Form can be found under Publications & Forms or by using this link.

Current Student Account balances are posted in the Band room and can be found HERE. For further information, contact Faith Roberts at